Key Things To Know About Inspecting And Maintaining Your Roof

The roof on your head is
literally the most important thing that will prevent snow from damaging your
home. However, for most people, inspecting and cleaning up their roofs is a
task that doesn’t feature on top of their list. This is because through inspection
and cleaning of a roof requires a lot of effort. Therefore, people hire the
services of a reliable cleaning company for this purpose. While it is a common
belief that roof cleaning should be done when it snows, you should actually inspect your roof before it snows. This is because timely
inspection and maintenance will be much less costly than repair. Let us see
some important considerations that will make roof cleaning easier and

  • Know
    when to inspect the roof

We only realise the defects in roofing once the
snow starts piling on it. By then, most of the damage is already done and you
might face problems like leaks or draughts. Therefore, it is not advisable to
wait until winters to inspect the roof for cracks and other signs of damage.
Typically, this should already be done before the onset of winters.

  • Know
    the signs of roof damage

If you notice any of the following signs, then
you should not postpone roof inspection:

If you notice that the
spouts and drainage pipes are blocked with leaves or debris, immediately
schedule a roof inspection. This is because blockage might result in
accumulation of water and consequently, dampness in the roof structure. This
might lead to seepage in the walls and result in more damage.

If you notice air
currents in the building even when doors and windows are closed, don’t call a
paranormal investigator, it might be because of a roof that is in need of

If you notice any change
in the shape or structure of your roof, it is necessary to inspect your roof
before it snows
. This is because the roof might break in under the weight
of snow.

If you observe dampness
and seepage in any part of the property, it might be because of a problem with
the roof. It could be simply because of a leaky roof, or because of a problem
in plumbing. Thus, timely inspection of the roof will save further
deterioration of the interiors.

  • Know
    the dates of last maintenance and next scheduled maintenance of the

If you have recently renovated the house and
installed new door frames or windows, it is possible that minor damages in
structure or shape of the roof have occurred. Similarly, if the property has not
been inspected for damages for a long time, it is likely that the roof requires
a thorough inspection for damage. Therefore, you should keep track of
renovation dates and schedule roof inspections accordingly.

The roof of your house
or commercial property is a vital structural component. Thus, it is recommended
that you hire a reliable service provider to inspect your roof before it
snows and save a lot of time and effort associated with roof inspection in peak

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