Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love

When it comes to baby and playtime, we find that exploration on the floor is something that little ones enjoy. From playing on the floor in the family room, to the park, playtime is the time that little ones enjoy as they explore the world around them. And like many parents, when it comes to play times with little Zoey, Heather not only likes to have the toys that engage little Zoey, but also the play mats that she can both play on with her toys, relax on during naps, and even use as a mat when they head to the park as the weather warms up. So when we were sent the Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love, Heather was excited to begin using it with Zoey and also share her thoughts on this mat with our readers. You can read Heather’s review below. 

If you are looking for a brightly colored, 3-D play mat, this is the one for you! These little animals like the fox appear to be jumping off the mat. I like that the bright colors draw Zoey’s attention to come and play and that there are several little activities built into the mat. The fox’s tail crinkles when you touch it, the bunnie’s carrot can hide in the garden, and the mirror can be taken off for extra play. Which is a favorite for Zoey, because she loves kissing herself in the mirror! For me, from a parent’s perspective, I love how big this mat is and how thick it is. We have hard wood floors and I feel better when Zoey plays on the mat knowing that if she topples over, her head doesn’t hit the hard floor. Some additional features are:

* Engaging peek-a-boo tree
* Playful soft textures
* Mirror for extended tummy time
* Tint ring for attaching extra toy
* Large button and soft handle for easy folding & carrying
* Crinkly fox tail
* Machine washable mat
* Easy grasp carrot teether
* Corduroy peek-a-boo pocket
* Shiny satin ribbons

Which in all, we found this to be an excellent mat to grow with baby from birth and up, and I like that we can take it with us on the go. Making the Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love a mat that we will be taking with us to the parks this spring and summer for picnics and that is perfect for Zoey to sit and play on. So if you have or are expecting a little one, be sure to pick up the Meadow Days™ Super Mat from Tiny Love today!

Product received, thank you to Tiny Love as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.


  1. Janet W.
    March 17, 2018 / 11:52 am

    This would make a great gift for my granddaughters' first birthday. Cute mat to explore!

  2. Amy Drazen
    March 17, 2018 / 6:18 pm

    I wish I had this mat when my daughters were babies. It is a really good size for them to move around. It's easy to wash, because babies will throw up and drool all over it. It is soft and perfect for tummy time.

    April 11, 2018 / 1:01 am

    what a lovely designed mat for our grandbaby Im telling my daughter when I see her its so soft & colorful great for the baby!!!!!

  4. Sue Emery
    July 20, 2018 / 12:01 am

    I had mats for my babies years ago. I thought that they were nice, handy, & I was protecting my little rugrats. But now after seeing this mat, I wished that they would have been around when my kids were babies! My mats had a little tinny mirror attached on it, a teether, etc. but not as nice as this MEADOW DAYS™ SUPER MAT! This mat is definitely has more padding & has more vibrant colors!! I had to pin this so I can remember the name. This would make an excellent baby shower gift! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Fiddlin' Dandi
    August 3, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    This is super cute and I'd love to get one for my son!

  6. gloria patterson
    May 6, 2020 / 4:41 pm

    I love this mat and think it would be something the kid would play on for a lot of years

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