Spring Reading List for Kids from Adorable Publishing

Spring will be here soon and with that we find that we will preparing the kids for their spring breaks. Like many who plan on traveling over spring break, I find that I like to have plenty of activities and books on hand to keep the kids occupied during the time spent traveling. This helps to keep minds occupied and keeps the kids from getting too bored while in the car, at the airport, or while flying. So when we were sent a great selection of new titles from the Adorable Publishing line up, we were excited to add them to our Spring Reading List for Kids!

With these 6 new books that are now available in time for the upcoming spring break, we get a great selection of stories that also offer an educational aspect to them. From learning about Animal Ears, and the importance of hearing that animals need for survival to the stories of various animals and the adventures they go on. You can read more about the collection of books from Adorable Publishing below:

Hearing is an important sense for animals’ survival. Ears give animals vital information to help them find food or listen for predators ready to attack. This continuation of Mary Holland’s award-winning Animal Anatomy and Adaptations series features a wide variety of animal ears and how animals use them. Did you know that some animals have ears on their legs? Like the eyes, mouths, legs, and tails featured in previous books, animal ears come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes—a perfect match for each animal’s needs.

Lots of children have pen pals but one little girl has a real-life dragon—a Komodo dragon—for a pen pal! Leslie plans to be a dragon hunter when she grows up. When she and Komodo become pen pals, the wise-cracking dragon adds a generous helping of humor to letters that are chock full of accurate, interesting facts. Leslie learns not only about the world’s largest lizard, but also about the dangers they face. As their friendship builds, will Leslie change the way she thinks about dragons?

Join the Lizard Lady as she cuts her way through thick Caribbean forests searching for critically endangered St. Croix ground lizards. Hunted to extinction on the island of St. Croix by invasive species brought by colonizing farmers, these lizards are now only found on surrounding islands in the US Virgin Islands. Readers learn that scientists can be women and that the day in a life of a scientist can be anything but boring. Co-author Nicole F. Angeli IS the Lizard Lady–can she help save these animals?

Elephants are social animals. Maggie and Annabelle used to live together at the Alaska Zoo. But after Annabelle died, Maggie was all alone. For years, zookeepers tried to keep her happy (and warm). But ultimately they sent Maggie to live at a sanctuary (PAWS). Now she is happy and at home with her new herd of other elephants. This is a heartwarming story of how zoos ensure the best for the animals in their care—even if the best is not at their zoo.

What child hasn’t wondered what it would be like to be an animal, able to hop, fly, or slither with ease? After a trip to an aquarium, Oliver decides he wants to be a sea otter. Oliver tries to copy sea otter behavior at meals, while playing, during a trip to the store, and at bath time. However, during the course of the day, Oliver discovers that he just doesn’t have the same adaptations. Being an otter isn’t easy for a human. What’s an otter—we mean, a boy—to do? 

Yodel and his siblings have woken from their long winter’s nap and are ready to learn and grow. Nature photographer Mary Holland captures precious moments of this black bear family’s springtime adventures. Just like human children, the yearlings play, explore their surroundings, and then snuggle up with mom for milk. They even stay with a special “babysitter” while mom is away. Someday soon, the yearlings will be grown and go off on their own, but for now they can catch a nap under their mama bear’s watchful eye. 

We found the line up of books to be a great collection that is perfect for welcoming the spring with and also a great line up to add to any spring reading list for kids! Making the choice to add Adorable Publishing to your list of books to get the kids as you plan your spring break, a choice that they will be sure to appreciate!

Product received, thank you to Adorable Publishing as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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