#Giveaway OREO Chocolate Candy Bar at Walmart

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We consider ourselves very much a family of chocolate lovers and whenever we come across a good deal on chocolate we don’t need much convincing to try it out. *Somebody* was recently shopping at Walmart and some OREO Chocolate King Size Candy Bars found their way into the cart – I blame the rollback pricing (can you go wrong for only $1?)! 

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of jelly beans and Easter marshmallow chicks, a new chocolate bar really caught my eye. I was pleased to find the King Size package actually had 2 individually wrapped chocolate bars inside, which is really great if you want portion control on your sweets. I was a bit surprised that these weren’t just chocolate covered OREO Cookies, but actually a combination of crushed OREO Cookies and vanilla flavored crème filling covered with chocolate. I liked the crunch but also the smooth Milka-brand chocolate – this chocolate seems better than many other chocolate bars I’ve tried. I tried the original one, but I’ve heard there is a Mint version as well, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out that one the next time I go to Walmart. Of course, I’m not giving up the traditional ‘Milk’s Favorite Cookie’ though – old school OREO Cookies stay in the pantry too!

As an added bonus check out the special giveaway for our readers:

OREO Chocolate Candy Bar Sweepstakes

I-C will randomly select 7 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the 7 winning prizes.


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