How To Prep Your Vehicle For A Baby On Board

There’s plenty of good advice out there about how to prepare for your baby. However, in the fun of decorating the nursery, choosing strollers and shopping for clothes, it can be easy to overlook your car. When it comes to prepping your vehicle for your baby, here are a few things not to forget.

Ensure Your Car Is Maintained Properly
Make sure you get any necessary maintenance undertaken before the baby arrives. If you’re not sure what this might involve, check out this car maintenance quiz. Finally, as well as oil changes, tire checks and the like, don’t forget the heater and AC. If you can’t control your vehicle’s temperature, you’ll worry about whether your baby is too hot or too cold. Of course, car maintenance is an on-going necessity and can be both expensive and inconvenient. You may want to investigate leasing as an alternative. There are some excellent deals available from suppliers that really understand the needs of the family market, such as Intelligent Car Leasing.

Clean Out The Car
If tidiness isn’t your strongest point, your car might be carrying a little too much trash. Clearing it out not only creates a more pleasant environment for you and your baby, it makes more space for all the baby paraphernalia. Once it’s empty, shampoo and vacuum the interior or have someone do it for you. Then, when it’s pristine, if you plan to keep your stroller in your car’s trunk, think about investing in a rubber mat for the floor of the trunk. This will help keep mud and spilled food off the floor space. You’ll also find such a mat is easy to pull out and hose clean.

Install All The Car Seats Properly
This is the single most important step you can take when it comes to prepping your vehicle for a baby. A properly-fitted car seat can literally be life-saving. Always read the instruction manual and, if you’re not sure you’ve fitted the seat correctly, have someone check it for you. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has some excellent advice and details of how to find a car seat inspection station near to you.

Load Your Car With Baby Essentials
There are several things that can make car journeys with your baby easier.
1. If your car isn’t already fitted with tinted windows, a good window shade will be invaluable. Screening your car’s rear side windows will keep the sun out of your baby’s eyes and also, hopefully, encourage your little one to take a nap. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a shade and you’ll find that they’re also easy to remove.
2. Attaching a convex rectangular mirror beneath the existing rear view mirror will allow you to keep an eye on your baby without needing to turn around or move the rear view mirror.
3. You probably already have some in the diaper bag but keep a stock of wet wipes in the car too. They’re handy for clearing up the inevitable spills and messes babies and young children are so good at creating. After all, a long, slow journey will feel even longer and slower in a car that smells of vomit.

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