How to Prepare Your Child For Their First Day of School

One of the biggest milestones in your child’s life is starting school. This milestone can also cause a parent to feel a little nervous. You may worry if your child will be able to adjust to this change in their life.

School staff understands that children can be nervous about this new adventure and work hard to coax your child into taking this step towards freedom. The teacher and classroom assistants will support your child’s learning and make your child feel valued during their school tenure.

There are plenty of things that you can do to help transition your child into this next phase of their life. For example, getting your child involved in a group activity, such as a dance class, a team sport or a music class can help your child meet new people.

Your local library is also a great way to get your child involved and out meeting new people. Most local libraries offer storytime sessions geared for young children. Another option is to head to the park. As your child begins enjoying the playground equipment, they will meet other kids their own age.

Encouraging your child to participate in age-appropriate activities can be very beneficial; however, many children are a touch anxious when it comes to interacting in a group setting. You can help encourage participation by practicing these activities at home. For example, if your child has been invited to a birthday party, play common party games like Pin the Tail at home ahead of time.

If you are concerned that your child will have difficulty following instructions, begin playing simple games at home to help them grow accustomed to following instructions.

For example, if your child loves to play dress up, allow them to choose their favorite outfit. Then, give them instruction like placing their hands on their hips, standing on one leg, touching their toes, etc. When they comply, praise them and let them know that they are doing a good job. This will help them be ready and eager to follow the teacher’s instructions.

One of the good things about starting school for children who like dressing up and novelties, is that many will get to wear a school uniform. Donning the likes of these French Toast khaki shorts and a new shirt or blazer can really bring pride to a little one and be a part of the first day that really excites them.

Many parents think their child should be reading and writing when they start school. There is no need for this. Instead, just simply talk about shapes, colors, numbers and letters in your day-to-day lives to help them get accustomed to these facts and figures. For example, take your child to the grocery store with you and count out the number of bananas in a bunch, play Eye Spy and describe colors and shapes.

There are certain things that your child will need to know when entering school. They will need to know their age, their name, their address and their parents’ name. You also want to ensure that your child can identify all major body parts. This information can be beneficial if they hurt themselves while at school.

Another thing that your child should understand is the meaning of “same” and “different”, as well as “more” and “less” before they start school. These adjectives can help improve your child’s ability to express their thoughts.

Work with your child so they are able to accurately describe different things. One way of doing this is to have a set of objects that are the same, size, color and shape. Add one odd item to the bunch and have them choose which items are the same and which items are different.

By keeping your lessons informal, you can help your child be ready for their first day of school. They will be armed with the knowledge that they need to succeed.

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  1. Janet W.
    April 20, 2018 / 10:52 am

    These are all great tips. I used to tell my daughters, and now my grandsons, that everyone is a little nervous and it isn't just you.

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