Travel with a DIY Mayka Block Tape Table

This post is sponsored and written by me on behalf of Zuru through a campaign managed by their PR. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to traveling with the kids, many of us find that we like to ensure that we have plenty of activities on hand to keep the kids busy with. This might include those games we can all play in the car to those activity and coloring books the kids enjoy as well. And like many, when we pack up the toys, we might pack some action figures and such, but find that the kids would prefer bringing their LEGO’s and other building sets along. The thing is, as many of us have learned, that when it comes to the building blocks, they can be a lot harder to use in the car or on a plane ride, and storing them after playing can be a issue as well. So when we were sent some Mayka Block Tape to review, we decided that we would create a DIY Portable Mayka Block Tape Table that can be used when we are traveling.

We found the Mayka Block Tape to be both a great tape to have in the home for the kids to enjoy using when building with their blocks as well as a great product to have when on the go. We also found that with the portable building block table, that the kids could use it at anytime, whether we are on vacation or running errands. Giving the kids a portable LEGO table that allows them to not only have a flat surface to build on, but a fun box to store their blocks in when they are not playing with them! The DIY Mayka Block Tape Table is a very simple project to take on that can really make a difference when traveling with the kids. To get started you will need the following items:

Shoe Box
Wrapping Paper (or any fun designed paper or coloring pages you wish to wrap your box in)
Glue Stick
Mayka Block Tape

First, take your shoe box and wrap it using the glue stick as an adhesive to keep the paper on the box. After the box is wrapped up and decorated to your liking, take the Mayka Block Tape and cut strips to fit the top of your box. You can add a variety of colors and sizes of the Mayka Block Tape to the top, which gives kids more to work with and build from. Once your box is complete, fill with LEGO’s that can be later accessed on your next trip and enjoy!

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