4 ways to add new safety tech to your car

This post was sponsored by tadibrothers.com through their PR, and all opinions expressed in the post are our own. 

We took a short vacation recently and were a bit surprised to see how quickly we we came to rely on some of the new safety features our rental car had.  We all may not know, or notice, but some of the recent biggest technological advances have happened in our cars, and with autonomous cars on the horizon, our whole idea of cars might change. We still love the older model cars in our garage, but of course we are interested in adding all the accessories we can to help keep our family as safe as possible.  If you are like us, we’ve got a few tips for some easy ways to get your hands on some of the simple, and highly effective, safety solutions that been introduced within the last 10 years or so. We would recommend with start looking at the following four options for starters: 

Backup Cameras 

First and foremost we can’t say enough good things about backup cameras. Don’t just take our word for it: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has mandated that all cars, SUVs and minivans, as well as some small trucks and buses produced after May 1, 2018, should have a backup camera. Not only can they help prevent hundreds of tragic backover accidents, they are also a godsend when it comes to squeezing into tight parking spots (city living, anyone?). For those of us with older cars that don’t come with backup cameras, there are numerous, reasonably-priced aftermarket options available, most of which are easy to install and work well. One of the best places to get your hands on an aftermarket backup camera is tadibrothers.com. They carry a large assortment, are reasonably priced, and have many positive reviews for great customer service. While their claim of being the ‘world’s largest backup camera shop’ may not be easy to prove, it would be hard to come up with an alternative.

Parking Sensors 

While many folks may see parking sensors as an alternative to backup cameras, we see them more as a very useful complement. They give proximity warnings as you get closer to an object in the path of the car. Trying to keep your eyes on a backup camera consistently can be hard given everything around the car, and sometimes the bright light from the screen can make it hard to see at night. In many cases you can use the combination of sensors and backup cameras to be extra safe and even better at conquering tight parking spots. Furthermore, these can possibly go in the front of the car as well (if needed). You can find a good variety of parking sensors at the aforementioned tadibrothers.com as well. 

Remote Car Start 

Yes remote car starters have been around for a long while, but some of the newest models go way beyond just being able to start your car from a distance. Some of the newer ones, like the ones from Viper, can also help keep track of where your car is located (as a parking reminder, or in case it is ‘borrowed’ without your knowledge), alert you when the car is moving without permission (and you are not in the driver’s seat!), lock or unlock the doors, and order you a cup of coffee (okay, maybe not yet). 

Heads Up Display 

While the backup camera may take the prize for one of the the most useful safety feature, the Heads Up Display (HUD) would come towards the top on the coolness factor list. A HUD projects information on the windshield (or another transparent surface close to the windshield). The transparent image can show information like navigation directions, speed, mileage, engine warnings, and more. The main benefit is that all that information becomes available without having to take your eyes off the road. While there is a small potential for the information being projected to be a little distracting, it is mostly considered safe and useful. There are many aftermarket options available for HUDs as well, ranging from around $50 (that use your phone to project the image) to ones in the hundreds of dollars that offer more features and reliability.

So now you know that you don’t have to buy a new car to be able to get your hands on some of the latest tech features being added to new cars. Your old trustworthy auto companion can be made safer, and dare we say cooler, without spending too much money.  (Is it too early to mention Father’s Day is coming up – what better gift for those penny-pinching papas out there!?)

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