Celebrate National Salad Month with Fresh Express, Litehouse & NatureSweet

The weather has warmed up, families are heading outdoors to enjoy their time together, which like many, we find that we also enjoy taking our meals outdoors as well. From those summer barbecues to the picnics at the beach with the kids, I am who looks forward to all that the summer time has in store for us. So when we heard that May is National Salad Month, we were excited to celebrate all month long with the fresh salad fixings from Fresh Express and NatureSweet along with the various varieties of dressings and dips from Litehouse!

See when we go with the salad varieties available from Fresh Express, we can choose from a variety of fresh mixes that are ready to be served and enjoyed. These include those ready made salad kits that offer variety to go with various occasions and dishes to the Salad Greens that are perfect for adding to our backyard barbecues. I also like that when we add those sweet and juicy mini tomatoes from NatureSweet, that we add that flavor that my family looks forward to. Then to top off those salads, we have found the variety of salad dressings from Litehouse Foods to be exactly what is needed to complete any salad. Offering us not only those basic salad dressing flavors that some might prefer, but a large range of other dressings to pair with any meal. These include ones like the Greek Yogurt varieties to the Creamy Salad Dressings like the Cotija Cilantro Dressing, which turned out to be the perfect dressing to add to our dinner salads as we enjoyed some fresh grilled carne asada! Making the choice to celebrate not only National Salad Month all month long with Fresh Express, Litehouse and NatureSweet a choice everyone will enjoy, but a choice you and your family can enjoy all summer long! And to make National Salad Month even more exciting for everyone, be sure to enter to the promotion below where you can enter for a chance to win a years worth of salad and more!

“Raise the Salad Bar” Promotion

·         Contest: Join Litehouse, Fresh Express and NatureSweet tomatoes in our mission to Raise the Salad Bar! Enter to win a year’s worth of salad and $100 worth of salad prep swag.

·         Recipes: Top quality ingredients for a top shelf salad – check out these delicious recipes for inspiration! 

·         Promotion: Greens, tomatoes and dressing are essential ingredients for any top shelf salad. Purchase any two Fresh Express Blends, Litehouse 13 oz. spoonable refrigerated salad dressings, and NatureSweet 10.5 oz. Cherubs® Tomatoes 2/$5 or 2/$6 at grocery stores nationwide (May 9-22, 2018)

·         In-Store Availability: All three brands can be found in the produce department, with Litehouse dressings and Fresh Express packaged salads found in the refrigerated produce department.

Product received, thank you to PR for supplying us with a product for this review, all opinions are our own.

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