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Bluestreak Books sent us these great books for review AND is also partnering with us for the giveaway.

Grandparents rock! There is no other way to say it. It says so right there in the name: they are the ‘grand’ parents. The love and joy that we get from them is priceless and we would all love to have a way to preserve their memory in as personal a way as possible. That is why we were thrilled to receive and review the Grandmother’s Journal and the Grandfather’s Journal from our friends at Bluestreak Books.

These journals are keepsake memory books designed to capture and preserve a grandparent’s memories to share with their grand kids. One would expect that any book that claims to hold precious memories would be sturdy and built to last and these journals totally hit the mark. These journals seem very well-crafted in a hard-bound cover and with high quality paper. The quality and care taken in putting these journals together shows up in the whimsical and charming pictures and illustrations along with the thought-provoking questions on every page. The relevant famous quotes at the start of every section add to the effect.

The journals provide plenty of space (and prompts) on every page to capture thoughts and memories. Grandparents are encouraged to share their life stories, highlighting the key events and people in their lives from childhood to the present. There is even space for a family tree up front and a sturdy pocket at the end for photos and memorabilia. It would have been great to add more space for photos in the relevant sections but we can imagine that may get a bit unwieldy. It is possible that while many grandparents will find the level of detail provided in these journals to be of great value in creating a comprehensive record of their life, there might be some that may find hard to fill out every section. We see the sections and questions in the books more as prompts, whether to write something down or just to have a loving conversation with a child. Any memories, stories or photos that make it in the journals are bound to be cherished and passed along for generations.

These journals would be great presents for birthdays, holidays or any special occasions. To support every grandparent’s right to spoil their grand kids, our friends at Bluestreak books are offering one of our fabulous readers a chance to win copies of Grandmother’s Journal and Grandfather’s Journal to fill in their family history, plus a $50 Visa gift card to use on a grand gift for a grandchild (or themselves):


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