How to Simplify the Process of Finding and Moving to a New Home in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to move out of your parents’ house or a retiree who’s ready for life in the sun, finding and moving to a new home can be a hassle.

With all the new apps and websites dedicated solely to sourcing a new home, you’d think the entire process would be made relatively easier. While 92% of people use the internet in their home-search process, it’s only as effective as the person using it.

If you want to simplify your home-finding and moving process, then follow these steps.

Create a Wish-list

Even though this may sound as though you’re writing to Santa Claus, it’s actually extremely beneficial in identifying exactly what you’re looking for. The only stipulation is that you’ll need to be realistic and create a list that reflects what you can find and afford. In other words, if your budget is $150k, then a six bed, 5 bath, 5,000 square foot villa isn’t in the realm of possibility. Focus on yourself and where you see yourself living and write down some of the characteristics of your future house. Does it have a garage? A yard? Updated appliances? Creating a wish-list can help you begin to narrow your search, and also give you a reality check as to what you might be getting in some cases (although you never know, you could find a great place for cheap). You’ll also want to identify possible locations that you might want to move, and then focus in on specific neighborhoods.

Hire an Agent

This comes after the wishlist because you’ll need to be able to not only hire an agent or broker that is familiar with the area (or licensed in that state), but to give them an idea of what you’re looking for. Finding the right agent can be tricky, and you shouldn’t jump for the first one you find. Doing your research on your agent is as important as doing your research on a home, especially since they’ll be the ones who’ll provide you with most of that research. They’ll also be your negotiators, mediators, and overall point of reference when it comes to the home-buying process, so investing in someone who has your best interest at heart is a must.

Set a Moving Timeline

Once you’ve secured a new place of residence, next comes actually moving from your current spot to there. This can often feel messy and hectic, with packing and trying to figure out the logistics of transporting your stuff. A good way to tackle this part of the process is to create a moving schedule with a hard deadline. If you can’t commit to a schedule, then at least make yourself adhere to a set day or so that you dedicate solely to moving. In any case, hiring a moving company can also be a great way to get rid of some of the moving day chaos. They’ll help you load everything up and transport it, as well as unload it into your new home.

The typical American will move roughly 12 times throughout their life, and eventually moving becomes a dreaded idea. With the right mindset and tools, any move can be as simple as reading this post.

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  1. jjmon2012
    May 8, 2018 / 10:18 pm

    Moving is a bitch! If you are doing it yourself keep or get rid of. Guess I have been lucky in my adult years have only moved 3 times hopefully at 67 this is my last place to live 🙂

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