Novice to Pro: How to Grow Your Drawing Skills Faster

Drawing is an essential part of art that involves creating a picture or illustration on a specific surface. Papers are the most commonly used surfaces, and different materials can be used to draw diagrams. Colored pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, dry pastels, and erasers are some of the materials that can be used to create drawings. Drawings can be used in marketing, illustration, entertainment, and also as memorabilia.

Some companies can help create the perfect drawings for you. One of them is ilustra drawings, which can design drawings for your advertisements. Mastering this art may not be as easy as you think. It requires years of practice for one to be perfect. There are a couple of things you should do to better your drawing skills very fast. They include the following tips.

Try Simple Designs

You should first try some easy designs to perfect your drawing skills. Start with the basic shapes like cylinders, cones, pyramids, and rectangles to improve on your accuracy. You should try to use various drawing tools that have different levels of thickness. This will help you understand which one is the best for you. You should also practice shading during this stage to improve on your balancing. Repeat the different shapes over and over again to perfection.

Try Various Surfaces

You should also try drawing on different surfaces. Do not just limit yourself to one type of surface. You should choose the right kind of paper or surface depending on the pen you are using. Some of the fantastic drawing surfaces you can try include mat boards, pastel papers, wood, and printmaking papers. Trying different paper sizes is also essential in improving your drawing skills.

Use a Grid

One challenge most artists face when it comes to creating a drawing based on an image is keeping up with the correct proportion. To avoid such a problem and reduce guesswork, you should use a square grid on your image. Make sure it is of the right measurements. One is advised to use a light pencil so that it can be erased with ease later. Using a grid will help you keep up good proportions.

Seek Advice

You should seek advice from other artists or people who have vast knowledge in drawing. Seeking the opinion of others will help you understand your progress, which is essential in growing your drawing skills. You should be ready to accept criticism to make improvements where they are needed. This will help you become a much better artist.

Regular Practice

Putting your skills into practice will help you become better at drawing. You should not just do one project and settle on it or take a long break before doing the next one. Make drawing a habit and also do it with passion. Set a target of the particular number of drawings you should do over a specific period. Two to three drawings sound ideal for a week. Practice makes perfect. Therefore, practicing regularly will help sharpen your skills

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