Thanks, Mom – 5 Experience Gifts Your Mom Will Love…Any Time of Year

Mother’s Day has been and gone with all its associated fanfare, rampant consumerism and shopping mall schtick. Opinions might be divided on the value of what many term a “Hallmark Holiday”, seeing it as just another excuse for retailers to cash in on consumer sentimentality. However, one thing we can all agree upon is that Moms hold an incredibly special and central place in our hearts and lives all year round. As such, communicating your love and appreciation of the mothers in our lives shouldn’t be limited to one day on the calendar. Any time is a great time to make Mom feel special, and what better way to do so than with an experience gift? It doesn’t have to involve jumping out of a perfectly good plane, or off a bridge with a chord strapped to your legs. Here are a few ideas of experiences you can gift that special lady in your life this year:

The Gift of Fitness

New Year’s resolutions are now probably a distant memory. With summer finally here, it’s the perfect timing to help her get in shape by gifting her a few sessions with a great personal trainer. Way too many regular gym memberships end up unused. A personal trainer offers the motivation of knowing that there is someone waiting at the appointed time and place. Usually this is the nudge someone needs to lace up those trainers, shimmy into their exercise gear and get the ball rolling.

More Than Skin Deep

Every woman loves to be pampered. We all know how hard Moms work looking after husbands, kids and grandkids, often while trying to juggle their own professional commitments and careers. With so little time to stop and focus on themselves, most mothers will be thrilled to indulge in a beauty treatment, mani/pedi, massage or similar gift. While you’re at it, you might want to get one for yourself, so you and Mom can make a date out of it for extra credit!

The Gift of Giving

While not an experience in the true sense of the word, the more socially minded may be delighted with a charitable donation in their honor. With contributions rising to all-time high levels in the US, it’s clear that more and more people are making giving a priority in their lives. Many charities offer gift packages, memberships and charity cards as creative ways to make a statement of support for the causes that truly matter to the woman in your life.

She Brew

It’s impossible to miss the explosion in craft and micro-brew beers all over the USA. Miller Time is probably officially over, and more women than ever are enjoying boutique beers on a regular basis. If Mom is a lover of the amber fluid, then a craft beer tasting or brewery tour can be a deliciously fun activity for her and perhaps a few friends. With microbreweries popping up in pretty much every town, do some research to find out the best places near you and contact them to arrange a tour.

Cooking Up a Storm

The proliferation of reality cooking shows watched religiously by millions has sparked renewed interest in cooking as a pastime, rather than a dreaded household chore. With so many women of all ages looking to explore new horizons in the kitchen, a cooking class might be the perfect option. Not everyone can be a Master Chef, but it’s never too early or too late to add new skills to your repertoire or simply rekindle the sheer love and joy of culinary creation.

Whatever you choose, make sure your Mom doesn’t have to wait until next May to know how much you appreciate her.

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