Work from Home this Summer with Epson Workforce WF-2860 Printer

How do you guys maintain a positive work/family balance during the summer time?  As summer is kicking off around here, we are finding ourselves more frequently taking advantage of the flexibility our corporate gigs offer to work from home.  We’ve grown so accustomed to communicating with each other via instant messaging or texting that usually our colleagues barely realize we aren’t in the same building when we are working from home!  The only downside is that sometimes we miss having access to some of the perks of actually being in the office, and for me, having to print out more than one or two simple documents is usually enough to get me out of the pj’s and headed in to the office.

I love my personal all-in-one printer, but as great as it is for printing out photos and simple tasks, it really doesn’t meet my needs for larger print or scan jobs.  Who has time to manually duplex pages or place them one-by-one on the printer glass when you are printing more than 2 pages?! On the other end of the spectrum, we don’t have a huge amount of office space to dedicate to a home printer and, of course, we’re on our own to purchase one since it is really a convenience item.  This rules out some of the larger workplace-focused models, so we were really excited to try out the WorkForce WF-2860 printer from Epson.  We were really surprised at the accessible price tag of this All-in-One model and it has a few key features that make it a great fit for our printing needs when working from home.

Wireless printing and all-in-one simplicity are frankly table stakes for home printers these days, and the WF-2860 easily met these criteria. Two of the real differentiating features on this printer for me are the Auto Document Feeder and Auto 2-sided printing.  The document feeder has yet to get jammed up and I’ve found it super simple to operate.  I can quickly get back to work after loading up to 30 pages into the feeder.  I love that you can use the feeder to scan documents as well – the Epson iPrint app made it super easy to print out a multi-page document directly from my iPhone, manually sign and notate individual pages, scan using the auto document feeder and then easily attach it to my email response and send back to my colleague in just a few minutes and only using my iPhone (no more transferring between my phone and laptop!).  Love, love, love!  I have to admit I wasn’t really shopping for the Auto 2-sided printing feature, but it was a nice surprise and I’ve really liked being able to conserve paper when printing out longer documents (yeah, yeah, I’m old school, I still like to proofread on a real piece of paper!).  Finally, the touch screen navigation was really easy and functioned well (though I do like using the Epson iPrint app too!). 

For my work-from-home days, this printer is really a perfect solution.  It easily handles my needs for an all-in-one printer, with great quality printing for documents and photos as well as the convenience I need for the occasional larger print jobs.  At about $130, this printer is a great value for a working-from-home dad or student. (And if you are really efficient, buy it and sign up for Amazon Dash ink replenishment at the same time to get an even greater deal – I found it there today for about 30% off the list price!  This would be a great deal to set up a new college student before the back-to-school rush!) 

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