4 Gift Ideas for the Adventurer in Your Life

It’s challenging enough to buy gifts for your settled or laid-back friends and family members, but if one of them is wild and adventurous, the task is downright daunting. You might automatically assume they already have everything or they won’t use what you buy them. Don’t fall into this mindset. Even the most seasoned traveler and adventurer has something that will make the next journey better or more exciting. For the perfect gift idea, check out a few of these options.


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Buying an adventurous soul boots might sound strange, but with a pair of Justin Boots from Russell’s, you’ll be doing them a favor. These boots come in a variety of styles for every type of person, including traditional Western boots, shortie boots, hiking boots, riding boots, and more. Armed with the right type of footwear, your thrill-seeker can tackle just about any scenario, from climbing to the top of a mountain to riding a horse into the Grand Canyon.

Action Camera

Founded in 2002, GoPro was the world’s first action camera, allowing adventurers to create videos and take pictures in the most hectic and crazy settings in the world. More than 15 years later, the market has been flooded with clones of the GoPro, as well as other options from reputable companies. The best part is there’s a decent camera for every type of budget.

Ranging from about $100 to $500, these cameras offer adrenaline junkies the chance to document their craziest adventures from a first-person perspective, giving you and others an insight into what makes the lifestyle so fun and addictive.

Waterproof Lighter

Your intrepid friend or family member doesn’t have to love a fine cigar to enjoy the versatility of a waterproof lighter. Consisting of a sealable capsule and using either a flame or heating coils, waterproof lighters are specifically engineered to withstand saturation, as well as heavy winds. You can use many of these lighters several thousand times before they need a new flint or wick, while others just need a USB port for a full recharge.

With this lighter in their clutches, adventurers can start a fire in adverse conditions, cook food in any environment, or add to their survival kit in case the worst should happen.

Travel Backpack

Although large backpacks have become the preferred form of luggage for backpackers and gap-year students, they’re still one of the best ways to move your clothes and gear from one place to another. Unlike wheeled or traditional luggage, backpacks allow you to carry all your stuff in outlandish places where flat surfaces might not exist. When an adventurer has to walk miles up a mountainside, trudge through mud, or find a bungalow on the beach, he or she will be glad you found a backpack that’s up to the task.

Adventurers might have a life’s worth of experience, but with the right gift, they won’t have nearly as many stories of failure or discomfort. Plus, when they reach the apex of their travels or escapades, you’ll get to hear about how your gift made it happen.

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    July 20, 2018 / 7:40 pm

    These are some great ideas and I'll have to keep them in mind for Christmas.

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