DIY Upcycling in the Bathroom

Upcycling or re-purposing items is a great way to incorporate a unique personal style into any room. While it can be difficult to come up with ways to reuse furniture in an efficient way in the bathroom, there are some great DIY ideas out there that can take regular bathroom fixtures from boring to beautiful.

Not everyone has the money to splash out on a new expensive all singing shower cabin or a his and hers granite top vanity unit complete with Hollywood mirror, but then these offer no personality to the most functional room in the home, anyway, maybe you already have a piece of vintage furniture that you are looking to re-purpose in your design, or maybe you’re hoping to get a bit of inspiration before a trip to the antique store or flea market. Either way, here are some possibilities that you can consider incorporating into your new bathroom.

Use a dresser as a vanity.

You can always find an old dresser, buffet, or cupboard that can be revitalized with a quick coat of paint and some new drawer pulls – so why not repurpose it in your bathroom? Instead of picking out a vanity from a store, find a storage piece that suits your own personal style and customize it however you like before cutting a hole for your sink and making some room for the plumbing inside.

Use reclaimed wood instead of tile.

Reclaimed wood is relatively easy to find, but it can be a challenge to find an appropriate use for it. Instead of using tile to cover an accent wall, highlight the beautiful texture of worn wood by showcasing it behind a simple mirror. This will warm up the atmosphere of your bathroom and provide a distinctive style at the same time. Don’t be afraid to expose some of the wood’s knots and imperfections – that’s what makes this look so appealing!

Use old wine corks to make a bathmat.

This is a perfect project for the DIY-er who loves to drink wine! Save up your corks until you’ve got enough to cover the part of the floor you want covered by a bathmat, and do a little investigating to find a style you like. You can cut them, cross-hatch them, or just line them up with the stamps and labels showing for a more country-chic look. Either way, this soft and absorbent material makes for a fantastic and comfortable bathmat while giving your room a bit of unique flair.

Use a chair as a combination shelf and towel rack.

This is an incredibly easy way to repurpose a chair – simply turn it upside down and stick it on the wall! Alternatively, you can cut off the seat and legs to use just the top part of the chair as an art piece and towel rod. This is a great way to show off a vintage chair you don’t have another use for, or if you want to add a bit of fun and color to your bathroom design with a brightly painted chair.

Use old glassware to control clutter.

Cotton swabs, hair ties, soaps – these things can sometimes end up scattered across countertops and bathroom floors. Keep them in place with some sturdy old jars for a creative and fun storage solution. You can find vintage glassware or mason jars at almost every flea market, so browse until you spot some in a style or color that will complement the rest of your bathroom design. You can dress them up a bit by tying some ribbon or twine around them, and collecting them into a basket for a nice countertop display. One important thing to keep in mind whenever you are looking to start a new DIY project: be sure to stick with something that fits with your skill level. Don’t take on a project that you can’t handle, or you’ll end up potentially damaging your unique piece of furniture and having a result that looks less than professional. If there’s something you’re not sure how to do on your own, look online to find some instructions or visit a home improvement store to get some advice. There are tons of ways you can upcycle items in your bathroom design no matter what kind of style you’re looking to achieve – just be sure to choose pieces that will reflect the mood you want for your bathroom. Use these suggestions as inspiration to help you come up with a unique bathroom of your very own.


  1. September 22, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    I love the idea of using a dresser as a vanity, but I have a a bad feeling that this part – “cutting a hole for your sink and making some room for the plumbing inside” – is more difficult than you might think. It’d definitely fall outside my skill level, I think.

  2. October 2, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    Love the ceiling!

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