Baby on Board: 3 Tips to Prepare for Traveling With an Infant

Travel with kidsTraveling with kids can be a great experience for the whole family. But when you have a baby, traveling can be more challenging than usual. Babies require more luggage and near constant care, which can make traveling pretty stressful. But whether you’re visiting the 3,000 miles of coastline in Ireland or just going to the next state over, there are ways to make traveling with a baby easier. So check out the following tips to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Plan Ahead for the Flight

While it’s true that more than eight million people fly every day, flying with a baby can be particularly difficult. You need to decide ahead of time whether or not you’ll be sharing a seat with the baby — having the baby in your lap can help save money on a ticket and keep the baby comforted, but it can also be nice to have a separate seat for the car seat to sit on. And when it comes to selecting your seat, consider choosing an aisle seat if possible. This will allow you to get up and move around the plane easily if the baby is being fussy. Additionally, when you check in for your flight, don’t be afraid to ask if the seat next to you is already booked or not — some airlines will happily block off seats next to babies if the flight isn’t full. And lastly, make sure you pack properly. You should have everything you’ll need, like bottles, medicine, and diapers with you so you can take care of the baby’s needs easily throughout the flight.

Bring Comfort Items

Keeping your baby calm and comforted is important when you’re traveling. Whether it’s on a plane, in a car, or even at a hotel, you should do whatever you can to help your baby feel relaxed. This is why it can be beneficial to make sure you pack certain items that your baby usually sleeps or plays with. Whether it’s a specific blanket, toy, or even an article of clothing, having these comfort items can help your baby sleep and remain calm. It can also be beneficial to have both parents there to console the baby — but with both parents working full-time jobs in 46% of two-parent households, it may not be possible to have both parents travel with the baby. Either way, it’s important to do whatever is possible to keep the baby feeling safe and soothed.

Only Take the Essentials

While it may be tempting to pack every single baby item you own, traveling light is key. When you bring less stuff, you’ll have less to lug around and you won’t have to pay extra fees for checking bags. Obviously, you need to bring essential items like clothes, diapers, bottles, and carriers. But you don’t need to bring every toy they own, several clothing items per day, and multiple strollers. It’s important to remember that you’re already going to have your hands full with the baby and you won’t have many hands to spare to carry things. So try to limit the number of baby items you bring with you and stick to only what you absolutely need.

Traveling with a baby can seem like a daunting task. But consider these simple tips and your trip is sure to be as enjoyable as you hope.

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  1. Maryann D.
    June 23, 2019 / 7:25 am

    My niece is having a baby soon! I know they like to travel so this information would be helpful to them.

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