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Canvas printsI have to admit I’m the worst about printing photos. I have so many precious moments stored digitally in various locations – my phone, iCloud, some old external hard drives, etc. Why is it so hard to get them printed and up on the wall? Canvas Factory to the rescue! I was excited to try out this product and it turns out the hardest part was picking the photo!

The Canvas Factory website is simple and easy to navigate. There are a lot of choices about how to create stunning wall art from your photos. You can choose from a variety of materials in addition to canvas, like acrylic glass or metal prints and experiment with split canvas prints or even canvas collages. For this project, I just selected the simple Canvas Photo Prints, chose the size I wanted from the menu of square, rectangle, and panoramic options, and then simply uploaded the photo. Easy Peasy! I had everything all set within a few minutes. I also loved the simplicity of having a live support chat option to help answer any questions.

The next day, I checked my email and found a very helpful note from the team at Canvas Factory advising me that the image I chose was probably not the best resolution for a larger format canvas print. They showed an example of how it would look (ummm, pretty pixelated, and since my son is the only one that loves Minecraft, not good!) and gave some recommendations about choosing a replacement photo. I was able to simply email a replacement photo and we were back in business!

The print came quickly after only a few days and it was of impressive quality, from the protective packaging to the canvas print itself. At 1 ½ inches thick, it really stands out on our hallway photo gallery and I love the professional look it added to my garden photo of the kids. This would make a really stunning special occasion or holiday gift and the pricing is really economical considering how expensive quality photo frames are these days (and no glass to break when the kids play ball in the house, know what I mean?). Canvas Factory offers free delivery on orders over $100, but don’t worry if you don’t spend that much, they still deliver for $9.95 or less! And what’s more, they had a great deal for 65% off when I last checked their website!

All-in-all, I loved the customer service and the quality canvas print I got from Canvas Factory. I’m looking forward to making more canvas prints from some of the amazing photos we took in the Minnesota North Woods on our vacation last week!

Do you have a photo you’d like to transform into canvas wall art? Enter for a chance to win a FREE canvas print from Canvas Factory!

Product received. Thanks to the Canvas Factory for the product, all opinions expressed in here are my own.

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