Mommy Katie Thanksgiving Special (Expert Guide)

Mommy Katie Thanksgiving Special (Expert Guide)

Its that time of the year again!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Most of us have already started to prepare for it. Sure it is one of the most beautiful and awaited holidays of the year. For those who do not know, Thanksgiving falls every last Thursday of November as a vote of thanks to the Lord for all His blessings upon us. The tradition itself so beautiful, it brings people together, and there is a state of thankfulness in the air, which makes this holiday even more blessed. The whole concept of this holiday is togetherness, sharing love, fellowship, and of course, thankfulness.

People in most places of the world, especially in the United States have already started to prepare for this great event.


If you want to be a part of thanksgiving, or have already started to prepare but are looking for a special guide that covers all the things you need to have an amazing Thanksgiving, then you’ve landed in the right place. 

This year, Mommy Katie brings a special guide for all its viewers, from A to Z. So that each of them can celebrate this holiday to the fullest. This guide includes everything you need to know and everything you’ll need to celebrate this beautiful holiday. (I mean as far as I know).

Let’s get going 

The Best Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving:

The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is probably the one that covers all the three aspects of this day. Togetherness, fellowship, and thankfulness. It is all about bringing people together and celebrating the blessings that are bestowed upon us. Nevertheless, here are some of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Invite your friends or family over:

The whole purpose of thanksgiving is bringing people together and sharing the joy of this blessed day with family and friends, this holiday is meant to be shared, not one that you can celebrate along, big dinners and lots of people, family or friends are what makes this day special, not to forget, a fellowship. Unless you are already invited over by somebody. Make a dinner party of your own and invite your family or friends over. This is extremely important if you want to celebrate the evening in delight and share this blessed event with your fellow companions. Remember that social interaction is what makes this holiday so unique.

Cook Amazing Thanksgiving Dinner:

The next step is to cook an amazing dinner for your fellow companions; it is extremely important that you do so, why? Because food is one of the most important things to pay a vote of thanks with, on Thanksgiving. Good food is what makes the companionship or fellowship even more delightful. Thanksgiving has some special dishes that you can make easily. Turkey is the top priority cooked in almost all homes along with sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies; they are must cooks on holiday.

So to make this blessed event more enjoyable, with your family or friends, if it’s difficult for you, ask them to pitch in and cook a dish of their own and host a one-dish thanksgiving feast.

Decorate Your House:

To fill the air with the aroma of thanksgiving, it is important that you show it. Just the way to decorate your house on other events, you should surely decorate your house on Thanksgiving, as well.

Share it With the World:

Now and then, people come to visit countries where Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated, many Americans or other nationalities living outside their countries too. Fellowship and thankfulness are one of the most important aspects of this holiday. You can either invite your new friends to the country or host a party in the country you’re living in to share this event with new people every year. Trust us that makes it even more fun, and more and more people come to know about thanksgiving.

Useful Tips For Thanksgiving:

We all need some tips and ideas on this amazing day to make it more memorable and fun. Here are some of the most useful tips and hacks for Thanksgiving.

  • Get Disposable Dishes:

To ease cleaning and winding up in the end, and avoid most of the overall hassle that comes with parties, you can arrange disposable dishes, everyone will use them, and you can easily throw then away, no cleaning needed.

  • Host a One Dish Party:

Hosting a one-dish party might bring a variety of food to the table, you will not have to do extra work, make the basic dishes and ask other people to bring a variety of other dishes that they find feasible.

  • Stick to The Basic Food:

Stick to the basic Thanksgiving dishes on the day, make a list prior to the occasion and start preparing. Also, keep your guest list in mind and youngsters and old age people.

  • Prepare A Day Before:

It is best to start preparing things, decorations, and other home settings a day before the event. Food materials should also be prepared beforehand so that on the day, there is no panic, and you can smoothly carry out all activities.

  • Make A List of Groceries A Week Before:

It is best to make a list of all the groceries a week prior to the occasion and get them so you can start preparing. To do so, make up your mind about all the things you will need. Also, it’s best to prepare a list of all the items, so you don’t forget.

  • Use Old Decor at Home:

You can also reuse most of the old decor at home, from previous occasions and even Halloween. Use the lights or other banners available at home.

  • Set Table Night Before:

Setting the table or at least preparing it the night before, putting all plates, spoons, and forks in line helps save much time.

  • Arrange a Fun Game

To spice things up further, you can add fun games both for kids and adults. Kids Especially need to be engaged so that grown-ups can enjoy their quality time.

  • Prepare Ice Before Hand:

Since this day has much food involved, drinks come as a part of the food. In Case you’re having many guests, and you’re in doubt. Congeal extra ice and keep storing it in a container beforehand.

  • Turkey Preparations:

Turkey, without any doubt, takes much time in preparation. It is best to marinate the turkey a day before the occasion for a ripe and juicy taste.

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

To add the thanksgiving aroma and environment in your home or space, you need to create such a scene which shows that an occasion is happening.  The decor is an important aspect of thanksgiving day since it adds a pleasant environment to the area or space. Here are a few Decor Ideas for Thanksgiving:

Fairy Lights:

Having a bunch of fairy lights and using them for evening functions adds much beauty to an event both indoors and outdoors.


You can stick out thanksgiving banners in the house along with some fairy lights to add more fun to the day.


Candlelights and a dim environment will spice the entire aroma of the day up.

Themed Crockery :

If you want to go a little extra, going themed in terms of crockery might help. Disposable crockery is always available which not only brings ease but also adds extra style to the day.

Pumpkin Centrepiece:

A pumpkin centerpiece might help make the table look beautiful. So if you have any artificial pumpkins from Halloween, you can use it here as a centerpiece, add flowers to it, and you’re all set.


Adding thanks wreath to walls also gives a very festive look to the entire Thanksgiving evening.

Thanksgiving Food Ideas For Kids:

For kids, one needs to be extra careful and attentive to make sure they eat the right stuff and enjoy the day as much as the elders do. It would be better if a separate table is arranged for the kids and is decorated in a fun way so they can enjoy their day as much as grownups do.

Mostly, people are confused about food ideas for small kids; they do not know what the right foods will be to serve kids; children who are a little older can eat what grownups do. Some of the best food ideas for kids are

  • Pumpkin pie
  • Roasted Chicken with mashed potatoes
  • Tartes
  • Fun looking Cupcakes or pastries
  • Juicy fruit salads
  • Candy treats
  • Soups
  • Parmesan bread

Thanksgiving Food Ideas For Grownups:

Grownups have many food ideas on thanksgiving to choose from since Thanksgiving is all about companionships and fellowships; food makes this extra special and having food on Thanksgiving is a must. The basic dishes like turkey, mashed potatoes, spinach, pumpkin pies are what we all know of, but there have to be other options since some of the gatherings are much bigger than others and require a variety of foods. Some of the food ideas other than the basic ones are

  • Creamed onions
  • Tofu Soup
  • Vegetable stir fry
  • Corn pudding
  • Beans casserole
  • Tarts, pies, cakes, etc.
  • Roasted beef
  • Cheese bread
  • Sandwiches of all kinds.
  • Biscuits and pastries
  • Mac and cheese
  • Spaghetti with meatballs
  • Salads of all kinds

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas and Things You’ll Need:

At Dinner Prerequisites:

Disposable Thanksgiving Special Napkins

These special turkey napkins will add more fun to your tables as you keep them around. They will add more magic to the theme of the evening and leave people amazed.


Plastic Silverware Thanksgiving Disposable Plate Set

Now you can impress your guests with this premium range of disposable dinnerware. They are great for creating an elegant setting for any special occasion, especially Thanksgiving. This set of party plates is completely disposable. It thus makes the afterward clean-up an absolute breeze.


Thanksgiving Disposable Party Paper Cup

This set includes 50 9 oz paper cups in an elegant autumn-like design with a gold foil. The cups feature elegant acorn and autumn leaves with changing colors that are scattered around with a rim of gold foil. Some leaves are outlined with gold foil, and some are filled thus adding a real elegant touch.


Thanksgiving Paper Plates and Napkins

These themed plates are made of high-quality thick paper. Napkins are soft and absorbent. Great for the autumn or fall season and other events that come along like thanksgiving etc.


BOLSIUS Ivory Dinner Candles


The classic look of these candlesticks blends well in almost any decor. Now you can spice things up with a candlelight dinner with your loved ones. These dripless candles fit most of the candlesticks holders and candelabras. They are extremely perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


Thanksgiving Themed Clothes:


Blessed Thanksgiving Turkey T-Shirt Women

If you want to go a little extra on Thanksgiving or want to gift this beautiful shirt to someone for the day. This cotton blended, soft and Breathable shirt with lightweight is a perfect choice.


Men’s Roasted Turkey Hat

This brown hat is shaped like a roasted Thanksgiving turkey with drumsticks at the top and is a perfect option for all those men, who want to go a little extra on the day for their family or friends.


Lunarable Thanksgiving Apron

This stylish apron will allow you to feel comfortable and look good as you show off your cooking skills on Thanksgiving. It is also a great gift to give somebody on this blessed day.



Thanksgiving Bingo Game

Games are a part of thanksgiving and what else can be better than a common game like Bingo. This set has 24 unique bingo player cards with player chips, 24 caller chips, as well as game instructions. You can gather the whole family or friends together to enjoy this game.


Thanksgiving Decor Ideas:


Thanksgiving Decorations Lighted Fall

You can use these decor lights for any occasion to spice things up and add a little heat to space. These leaves look like real leaves as you light them up.


Event Thanksgiving Decorations

Hang this decor set anywhere you like, on the porch or inside to light up the thanksgiving spirit.

Final Words:

Thanksgiving is a day of sharing all the happiness and thankfulness there is. Remember to be extra kind on this day. We hope you learned quite a lot from this guide. Let us know what you’re planning for Thanksgiving this year?

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