3 Deadly Secrets About Polyester That You Need to Know

3 Deadly Secrets About Polyester That You Need to Know

Choosing the right fabric for your clothes is an important decision. You want to be sure that you are not only comfortable but also safe. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that has many dangers associated with it. These include cancer, immune system suppression, and fertility problems. Consider opting for cotton instead, which is a natural fabric that does not come with the same risks.

The two most popular fabrics used in the clothing market today are polyester and cotton. Many people wonder which looks better, more people are into which feels better, and still, more are looking for other reasons. The fact remains that the synthetic fiber is lighter, stronger, and more versatile than its natural counterpart.

Polyester is a petroleum-based fabric that is made from coal and crude oil. It is a cheap fabric to produce, which is why it is often used in clothing and other items. It is also not biodegradable and is dangerous to the environment. However, polyester comes with a number of health risks that make it dangerous to wear.

Polyester never will feel like cotton and cotton will never feel like polyester. This is why cotton cloth will never be able to match up with creating an imitation version. Instead, you will have to settle for cotton if you want to avoid the toxicity of Polyester fibers and fabric.

1. A Structured Chemical with Carcinogenic Properties

The way polyester is made is by a synthetic chemical process. It does not occur in nature. This is probably why it is cheaper than cotton. It is a versatile fabric to be used in virtually any kind of weather, but particularly in warmer conditions. It has some serious health risks.

Acids and Polymers – When polyester is being made, there are certain strong acids and some poly mores which are recognized carcinogenic chemicals. This means that polyester, in any form, has the potential to cause or contribute to existing cancer.

Toxic Through the Skin – Another dark and disturbing aspect of polyester toxicity is how the toxins from it will absorb through the skin. Skin is the largest organ in the body and when you wear toxic clothes, the chemicals get all inside of you.

3 Deadly Secrets About Polyester That You Need to Know

2. Damage to the Immune System

Consider the fact that clothing is basically unnatural. No other animal wears it and we simply have to have it or we feel naked. In fact, we are naked at this point. There are so many different types of fabric available, all of them using different chemical processes and we have no idea what has been done to them. Natural Cotton Totes are good, though.

When you are dealing with a reputable company, you can know that you are getting natural, eco-friendly clothing. One of the main problems with the chemicals in clothing is how they can suppress the immune system, leaving you prone to all sorts of illnesses. Since there is carcinogenic potential along with immune suppression, the risks are even higher.

3. Fertility Problems

Polyester and fabrics made from it have a lot of chemical estrogen in them. Chemical estrogens are chemicals that act like estrogen in the body. They can lower testosterone levels, make it harder to get pregnant and cause birth defects.

These powerful estrogens, along with their effects on the brain and body, greatly enhance the risk of many types of cancer. This is due to their hormone-like behavior, which causes cells to divide at an excessive rate.

With all of these bad effects in mind, why would you want to continue using these fabrics? You could have a much safer, longer-lasting wardrobe at affordable prices. Just look online for some fine cotton selections, including totes and other accessories.


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    March 20, 2018 / 7:14 pm

    I think this is so important topic for us to know. Thank you so much for writing it. It's also important to find more ways to use solar energy to reduce the negative impact on our planet.

  2. August 17, 2018 / 9:57 am

    So crazy… My son got a shirt for his birthday from grandma…. 100% Polyester. Something didn’t sit well with me and I went through all of his clothing reading labels and discarding.

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